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Thursday, August 07, 2008

I Heart Evangelists

I have a thing for evangelists.
Which is strange because I don't believe in God. At least in the way those wacky Christians do.
But for some reason, those wild eyed bible-thumpers really get my motor going.

I don't like these young, rock star evangelists on TV. No, I like my evangelists old and nutty. The tighter the suit and bigger the eye glasses the better!

I'm not sure where this infatuation came from. I've only been to church once and even then it was one of those new-agey PC churches. I didn't watch the 700 Club or PTL Club. I must have seen one of those movies where the villian is the small town, horn-rimmed preacher and I became hooked.

I don't think I'd like an evangelist if they came up to me.
In fact, I think I'd probably smack them.
But all I know, is that if I saw someone standing on the street corner yelling about God in a Southern accent wearing a tweed three-piece suit and George McFly glasses, I would be done.


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