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Hipstercrite: New trailer for NICK & NORA'S INFINITE PLAYLIST

Friday, August 01, 2008


Thanks to my former co-worker and friend Becky who recalled my childlike crush on Michael Cera, here is a link to the new trailer for NICK & NORA'S INFINITE PLAYLIST. Based off a "young adult" novel containing abundant uses of the f word, we follow the story of two unlikely allies in the course of an evening in NYC. Nick (played by Michael Cera Arrested Development, Superbad) and his band are performing at an underground club in the city when the girl who crushed his heart walks in. Nora (played by Kat Dennings 40 Year-old Virgin) is at the show babysitting her friend and loudly judging everyone that walks by. When Nick's ex-girlfriend beelines it to him, Nick grabs the closest stranger he can find, Nora, and kisses her. This sparks the beginning of one of those adventures that only happens to make-believe people in NYC.

I read the book. Or rather tried reading the book. I LIKE young adult novels. This was not like the young adult novels I read growing up. Kids nowadays suck. They go to dive bars and wear circa '80's clothing (and they were born like in 1992) and say big words and like Iggy Pop and Velvet Underground and I hate them! They're every bit of pretentiousness I wanted to be at that age. I didn't become totally self-aware and try to subtly flaunt my quirks until I was 20! What happened to the Socs and the Greasers? Or girls named Margaret talking to God?

Thankfully, Michael Cera looks slightly more legal in this film.


At 8:52 PM, Blogger SuperBrad6 said...

Love Michael Cera.


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