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Hipstercrite: April 2006

Friday, April 21, 2006

Golden Nugget of the Day! Crispin Glover's "Clowny Clown Clown" video

This was my song in college. It's about a love/hate relationship with a clown...and a character from Crispin's movie RUBIN AND ED- Mr. Farr, the guy who tried to kick David Letterman.

I love this song!

And thanks to the magic of Youtube, I have discovered the brilliant music video for it!

Crispin Rocks!
(thanks Nate for showing me the link)

This weekend

-Liza Minnelli will be singing copies of her autobiography, "Liza Minnelli: Liza with a Z" at The Grove Barnes and Nobles @ 3PM on Sat. Free. Can you imagine all the wild and crazy patrons there to get their books signed? I hope a bunch of Liza drag queens show up. I'm there!

-Van Morrison, Emmylou Harris, and Rob Zombie are performing this weekend. All together actually. Should be an interesting show.

-AMERICAN DREAMZ (you have to be kidding me on this one), THE SENTINEL (yay! watch Eva Longoria suck on the big screen!), and SILENT HILL (this one might make me shit my pants) all open this weekend.

And of course, when the weekend comes, it's shitty. It's gonna be in the low 60's.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pic of the day

Anti-drug billboard on Sunset starring Chris Farley. transports me back to the day in high school when I found out Chris Farley died...and then the day I watched the E! True Hollywood story on him and that dumb bitch prostitute he was with said she let him die and the narrator said, "He was a man who loved everyone...but himself." and they said he went to church every week and entertained sick children and he carried a cute little prayer around in his pocket...

And just when I was thinking of becoming a sexy coke fiend, this fucking billboard pops up to stop me! Damnit!

My dream movie (I love you Charles Rocket)

I don't know what the story is about but I know who I want to cast in it.
David Byrne would play somebody's Dad, I know that much.
Curtis Armstrong will have a lead part.
And so would have Charles Rocket if he didn't fucking kill himself last year! :(
But I'm gonna cast him anyways.
Crispin Glover will be the romantic interest.
and Paul Reubens
I guess there will be no ladies in it...other than me? Mmmm...

Who wants to produce it with me?
No story and no names= winning combination

I've had so much fucking coffee today and no food that I think I'm drunk.

Trades today on this beautiful Thursday morning

-Lindsay Lohan has signed up for her 78th film of the year called GEORGIA RULE with Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman attached. The story is about a "rebellious young woman (Lohan) who has a dysfunctional relationship with her mother (Huffman) and is sent to spend a summer with her grandmother (Fonda)." Oh my God! Can't wait!

-As usual, Variety gives a very convoluted review of something...did they like Julia Roberts in her new Broadway show or no? Stop using such big words Variety!
-Famous 1667 poem, "Paradise Lost" is being made into a movie by the gazillionaires who produced SUPERMAN RETURNS and LADY IN THE WATER.

-ICM is moving to Century City! CAA is also leaving. Maybe that will curb the violence down in those parts. No joke! EVERY SINGLE time I go to Wilshire in Beverly Hills I see a fucking accident or somebody got stabbed or there is blood on the sidewalk...All true.

-Cirque du Soleil is doing a Beatles show. Hmmm...

-HBO's show about a dude married to three women, "Big Love", got picked up for a second season.

-Review of 9/11 film UNITED 93 says the movie is "tense", "overwhelming", and "harrowing". Wouldn't have guessed that.

Check out all these stories at is you have an account mo-fo!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I heart Rick Moranis

I've kind of always loved Rick Moranis.

I don't know if it's because he was in some of my favorite films as a child (fuck HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS! I'm talking about CLUB PARADISE here!) or that he was on one of the best TV shows ever or that he gave Bill Murray a run for his money in GHOSTBUSTERS or that he was a lead in a musical or he was one half of the funniest Canadian beer-drinking brothers...well, ever?

Enough gushing...

I'm hear to give you some great news about our man Rick (it's old news but to probably ALL OF YOU it's new news).
He released a country album recently. It's call "The Agoraphobic Cowboy".

Buy it here
And read neat article here

Mel Brooks has got a fever...


it looks like THE MOST AWESOME MOVIE OF ALL TIME is hitting Broadway.

not that this means anything to me because my track record of seeing Broadway shows so far is 2.

and if gene wilder ain't in it, then I SURE AS HELL ain't seeing it! (and no he's not dead)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Shot of the day

this billboard is facing the front of a school.
the great thing doesn't even say in the fine print that this is in regards to a movie.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday outing ("f***ing hipsters!", flea markets, and graffiti)

Went to Swingers on Beverly today.
Don't understand what the big deal is.
Waiter was an ass and the food is over-priced and bland. Guess you are paying for the atmosphere, but watching a bunch of open-mouthed, stringy-haired, mod clothed hipsters walk around like they own the place is, well, quite NAUSEATING!

And I like hipsters! Don't get me wrong.
Sometimes when I feel lost, I call myself one just so I can identify myself as something.

But they've gotten out of control. They're everywhere and they have a lot of attitude for no reason. Like, "Look at me, I listen toDeath Cab for Cutie and my socks don't match and my shirt was an old cowboy's and my hair is washed with soy beans and I smell like incense and I love/hate my life."

I also went to the flea market at Fairfax and Melrose- which is pretty darn cool, but pretty darn over-priced. I've got a couple of things there before. A nasty-ass old coffee table, a yellow silk-screen of Bowie circa Ziggy Stardust time (I think it's actually a pic from the movie), and I think I got a sno-cone there once. It was a really good sno-cone
They have a great collection of stuff, but then you think about how you could probably find this shit at a garage sale or thrift store for much less. It amazes me in this town cause people WILL BUY ANYTHING! Including me, who bought a pair of roller skates from a roller derby from the 70's that are 3 sizes too small for me.
I also bought fake grass and a Judy Garland album for no reason other than "they look pretty freakin' cool!"

At the school where the flea market is at, my friend pointed out a mildly humorous piece of graffiti on the school wall (pic above)
At least the artist knows what they're doing?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Ode to Wikipedia

Remember the good days when Mom and Dad saved up enough dough to get you that brand new beautiful World Book Encyclopedia (not the stupid Encyclopedia Britannica! That's like choosing a PC over a Mac! Sheesh!) set for your 10th birthday?

And you were so excited and felt like a grown up with all the information in the world at your fingertips!
Well those days are soooooo gone.
Now you can get all that jazz for free!
Can you believe it?

I recall not too long ago when I would be searching for let's say info on Jeremy Piven's hairplugs and 4 listings down, I see this thing called Jeremy Piven- Wikipedia, the FREE! encyclopedia (!)

What is this, I ask?
I click on it and low and behold, I find out information on this Jewish American boy who WAS LUCKY with "Entourage" and now acts like he's the shit because he plays a character who thinks he's the shit and who's got AWFUL HAIRPLUGS!

But getting back on subject...
What is this Wikipedia? I'm intrigued...

Wikipedia was launched in 2001 by a man affectionaly known as Jimbo (Jimmy Wales). "Wiki" is known as a website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users- which is exactly what Wikipedia does. Members can upload, edit, or delete info on Wikipedia entries.
Wikipedia is a non-profit site that is one of many websites under Jimbo's foundation Wikimedia. There is Wiktionary, Wikispecies, Wikibooks (open source text books for kids), Wikiquote, Wikisource, and a couple of more wikis.
I like that word. Wikis. Say that ten times fast. It's fun. Wikis, wikis, wikis, wikis...

Some trivia:
-Wikipedia cost $321,000 in 4th quarter of 2005. Wikimedia receives funding from who knows what.
-Wikipedia has over 3 million entries in over 100 different languages. Way to go Jimbo!
-Tens of thousands of members edit information on the website monthly.
-A parody website spoofing Wikipedia was created called the "Uncyclopedia- the content-free website anyone can edit!"
-Critcism plagues the site because of the public's ability to edit the site. Often incorrect or inappropiate info is put on there. Really? I never would have guess that could happen...

Ok, I'm bored writing this.
Bottom line is, fuck the World Book Encyclopedia.
Wikipedia is awesome!
(btw all the info above is from Wikipeding "wikipedia")

Because Apple is slowly taking over the world...

As seen in Variety today-

The London clothing line Thomas Pink has what is known as their "Commuter Tie"- a tie that offers a pouch to hold your Ipod Nano and a slot to wrangle up your headphones.

And the best part is, boys (and girls), it comes in pink! (and navy and red...BORING!)

Soon we'll have Ipods tucked away in our butt cheeks with a fashionable's only a matter of time.

Pic of the day entitled "morning"

a photo of my air freshner on the ride into work this morning.

the feel of summer air, listening to "Rebellion (no lies)" by Arcade Fire on repeat over and over, and the fact that IT IS FRIDAY makes this assistant a very happy camper.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Public Service Announcement

A site that I came across a couple of months ago and fell in love with is L.A. Works.
L.A. Works is a monthly calendar of community service opportunies in the county.
The calendar is a helpful tool because it enables you to see what programs work within your schedule.
For example, because I work 9-7 on weekdays, I was able to find programs that started at 7:30PM on weeknights or weekend events.

This site is ten times better than VolunteerMatch where you'd think you were applying for a government job just to walk with some old folks.

I've enjoyed every second of the volunteer services I've participated in and kudos to the creators of the organization.

Check it out!

Random LA shot of the day

Dispelling the myth that it's always sunny here and that all we do is lie around in our bathing suits like lazy asses and not work.
How many people do you see swimming?

(taken somewhere in East Hollywood)

What is Angels Flight?

There is this thing that exists in Downtown Los Angeles. I've read about it but still have not seen it in the two years that I've lived here. I go downtown often but this sadly shows how segregated downtown is from everything else (which will hopefully change soon- check out articles/links on LA Downtown News Online or Downtown Los Angeles Business Improvement District).

This thing I speak of is called Angels Flight- LA'S VERY OWN FUNICULAR RAILWAY!!!
(a.k.a. the shortest railway in the world!!!)

What is a funicular railway you ask?
A funicular railway is a railway that moves up and down typically built on a cliff, hillside, or slope (see picture above).

Angels Flight was built in 1901 to transport Angeleno's up and down the steep incline of Third and Hill St. it the famous section of Bunker Hill (known as the "nicer" part of downtown at the turn of the century, then known as the "nasty" party of downtown in the 50's-60's, and slowly coming back to the "nicer" part of downtown from the 1970's and on).

During the 60's, downtown was heavily deteriorated so contractors were wiping out everything to make way for new development. The Angels Flight was dismantled and kept in storage for future rebuilding. Many years later in 1996, the Angels Flight was rebuilt close to its original home where it currently resides today but was then shut down again when it killed people.

In the city known as the place that has more cars than people, Angels Flight sadly serves no physical purpose. What is does serve though is as a symbol of the history that Los Angeles has been so indifferent in the maintenance of throughout the century. It represents a time when LA wasn't all people driving around in BMWs and Mercedes and a time where the beating heart of Los Angeles was downtown.

That was a little too dramatic.

Read more about Angels Flight here, here, and here.

(photo courtesy of

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

LA passes a $100 million plan to help homeless

LA is finally deciding to pay attention to its growing situation of homeless people in Skid Row. Researchers quote anywhere over 90,000 people are homeless in Los Angeles County with anywhere from 20,000-45,000 homeless people living in the 50 block radius known as Downtown's Skid Row. Los Angeles has one of the highest concentrations of homeless people in America.

Today, the city of Los Angeles passed a $100 million plan to start cleaning up Skid Row. At first, some of the money will be put towards more temporary housing shelters. $80 million will be put into a fund for future permanent housing and rent support.

It sounds like a small step, but I guess anything is better than nothing for now. The city appears to have taken a blind eye to the situation in the past, but it has not been getting better.
Crime and drug abuse runs rampant and police have little tolerance for the homeless. It is also reported that over 10,000 children make up the 90,000 homeless people that live in the county of Los Angeles.

Independent programs such as Chrysalis and The Midnight Mission have made their own progress in helping to try and get people off the streets of downtown.

For more information check out these sites:
-San Francisco Examiner article "L.A. Approves $100M County Homeless Plan" 4/5/2006
-NY Times article "In Los Angeles, Skid Row Resists an Upgrade 7/15/2003"
-Wikipedia article "Skid Row"

(photo courtesy of

Random camera phone shot of the day

(*note- this picture was not taken today, but on Monday. I figured I had a little wiggle room for now considering this is my first posting. This picture was taken driving to my classes at UCLA. I almost got in an accident trying to keep up with the car and get a good picture.)

Filmmakers: Find out where to make your movie dirt cheap!

This weekend, the Association of Film Commission International is hosting its 21st annual locations trade show at the Santa Monica Civic Center.
Film offices from all over the world will be representin'- from Korea to Nebraska to Spain to New Mexico to Jordan and all the way to the ancient and exotic location of Palm Springs. Did you know that New Mexico offers a 25% tax rebate on New Mexico expenditures? I think not. Did you know that Chicago was in Illinois AND they shoot movies there? Well did you?
So what the hell are you waiting for? Get on down to the AFCI locations trade show this weekend! Bring your friends! Bring your kids! God knows kids will have a blast!

Friday April 7th, 3PM-7PM, Saturday April 8th, 12PM-6PM, Sunday 12PM-5PM (near Main and Pico)

click here for more info


I set this blog up because I have fallen in love...
I know how Tom Cruise feels.
When you love something so much you just want to jump up and down on a couch and tell the world!
Well this is my couch.
I have fallen in love with Los Angeles.

Yes, it's true.

I know you East Coasters (which I am as well) are probably wondering, "How the hell???...But it has smog and traffic and crime and no foilage and high gas prices and..."

Well folks, let me tell you, I love all of these things about Los Angeles. I love the bad just as much as the good. I don't care that I will probably die before I'm 30 because of either:
a.) lung cancer because of air pollution
b.) car accident on the 101
c.) getting stabbed out in front of the 99 cent store
d.) no foilage
e.) high gas prices

This is a wonderful city full of culture, art, music, film, and obscenely large egos (which are pretty fascinating to see). There is a vast array of different ethnicities, different types of architecture, and different landscapes.
There is old, new, real, fake, bright, dull, beautiful, ugly and a lot of plastic.

Sniffing in the multi-colored afternoon air I scream, "God, I love this freakin' city!"
(see picture above)