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Sunday outing ("f***ing hipsters!", flea markets, and graffiti)

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Hipstercrite: Sunday outing ("f***ing hipsters!", flea markets, and graffiti)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday outing ("f***ing hipsters!", flea markets, and graffiti)

Went to Swingers on Beverly today.
Don't understand what the big deal is.
Waiter was an ass and the food is over-priced and bland. Guess you are paying for the atmosphere, but watching a bunch of open-mouthed, stringy-haired, mod clothed hipsters walk around like they own the place is, well, quite NAUSEATING!

And I like hipsters! Don't get me wrong.
Sometimes when I feel lost, I call myself one just so I can identify myself as something.

But they've gotten out of control. They're everywhere and they have a lot of attitude for no reason. Like, "Look at me, I listen toDeath Cab for Cutie and my socks don't match and my shirt was an old cowboy's and my hair is washed with soy beans and I smell like incense and I love/hate my life."

I also went to the flea market at Fairfax and Melrose- which is pretty darn cool, but pretty darn over-priced. I've got a couple of things there before. A nasty-ass old coffee table, a yellow silk-screen of Bowie circa Ziggy Stardust time (I think it's actually a pic from the movie), and I think I got a sno-cone there once. It was a really good sno-cone
They have a great collection of stuff, but then you think about how you could probably find this shit at a garage sale or thrift store for much less. It amazes me in this town cause people WILL BUY ANYTHING! Including me, who bought a pair of roller skates from a roller derby from the 70's that are 3 sizes too small for me.
I also bought fake grass and a Judy Garland album for no reason other than "they look pretty freakin' cool!"

At the school where the flea market is at, my friend pointed out a mildly humorous piece of graffiti on the school wall (pic above)
At least the artist knows what they're doing?


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