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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Piv in all his glory.

Was getting coffee with a friend at Groundworks tonight and saw a butt load of people trying to get into a screening of "Entourage" at the Arclight and after-party at Social.
As I stood there and watched the hoards of social flies trying desperately to get in, I thought, "The show sucks anyways!"
Last year, I watched the first season of "Entourage", was excited about it, then decided it was poop.
Yes, you heard me- POOP!
I will gladly argue with anyone that the show is weak. Weak acting, weak dialogue, and weak story line. Of course the only thing good about it is the one trick pony known as The Piv.
Yes, Jeremy Piven is funny in it, but come on! Is he playing anything different from the character he has played for the past 20 (!) years?
He just has more hair plugs, that's all. Check out the before and after at the top of the page.


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