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Afternoon musings- Tuesday May 3rd

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Hipstercrite: Afternoon musings- Tuesday May 3rd

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Afternoon musings- Tuesday May 3rd

-I was driving down Beverly today and saw Tom Hanks face sprawled against a 20+ story plus building. As I stared deeply into THE DA VINCI CODE poster I realized that Tom is going the way of Travolta.
You know what I'm talking about... the pancake face, the prosthetic hair, the dark clothing, the slightly dazed look on their faces. Soon we'll hear Tom is a Scientologist as well.

-Only old people are out during the day and they all go to the grocery store.

-I finally stopped dancing for my body is too sore to move anymore.


At 1:11 AM, Blogger Duke Damien said...

Ah, Scientology, the religion for everyone. Who can afford it, I mean. I once took their personality test at their HQ in Hollywood. I realized I wasn't getting in when they ran screaming away from me yelling something about "The Ultimate Thetan..."

Oh well, back to snake handling.


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