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Morning musings- Tuesday May 3rd

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Hipstercrite: Morning musings- Tuesday May 3rd

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Morning musings- Tuesday May 3rd

-Coming from Los Feliz this morning, I became stuck in some heavy traffic near the Foutain/La Cienega area. Come to find out, it wasn't an accident, but cops were checking into a suspicious propane tank on the street. Every cop from the LAPD was there- including helipcopters! I was very excited because I thought there was a chance that I might blow up today and there is possibily no better way to go. I guess they combusted the tank with a water compressor, Ian said, and everyone went on their merry ways. Damn it.

-Reading the trades today, I came across a review for MI:3 and laughed my ass off for 5 minutes when I read the reviewer's note that, "The high-octane juice audiences crave in big-budget action films surges propulsively through "Mission: Impossible III," in large measure due to Tom Cruise, who seems determined to give a persuasive human impersonation of a Ferrari."

-Also, I have danced for almost 24 hours straight to the Bloc Party song below (in addition to the songs "Over and Over (Lost and Found)" by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, "Shine a Light" by Wolf Parade, "Speaking in Tongues" by Eagles of Death Metal, and "Do You Want To" by Franz Ferdinand) and I'm getting scared that I will be unable to stop. I have a stiff neck and people point and stare at me while I seemingly hump the steering wheel of my car as I groove out to the songs. Last night I put it on a BOSE stereo system (that I do not own) and nearly flung myself through the window by accident.

Daydream of the day will be- West Hollywood bare except for me bopping to my Coachella mixed CD down La Cienega with my pink aviator shades and a Ferrari with Tom Cruise's big-ass toothy grin morphed into the hood of the car speeding at 150 mph towards the propane tank...

oh yeah, and gas is almost $4.


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