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The ONLY restaurants in L.A. you should be eating at every week (restaurant guide pt. 2)

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The ONLY restaurants in L.A. you should be eating at every week (restaurant guide pt. 2)

(I couldn't find a good pic for this posting so I attached my own picture entitled "Ring Around the Deviled Eggs")

1. Genghis Cohen- Szechuan Cuisine
740 N. Fairfax (Fairfax and Melrose)
And they say that L.A. sucks in the Chinese food department.
The best Chinese food I've ever had. Period. I don't know how to describe their food other than "mouth-watering" and "heavenly". I have never been disappointed. Try their garlic chicken or lobster in bean sauce. Their pan fried noodles are AMAZING. Don't let the location in a strip mall next to Radio Shack dissuade you. The inside atmosphere makes you feel like you're in an old-school fancy NYC restaurant. I was told that Genghis Cohen was the inspiration for the famous Chinese restaurant episode of "Seinfeld". I was also told that Sheryl Crowe was "found" here but I have never been able to confirm either of these statements.

2. C & O- Italian
31 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey @ Venice Pier
A Venetian friend introduced me to this place. The atmosphere is warm and fun. Servers come by your table every 15 minutes or so with fresh garlic knots. Also, inside they have barrels of wine you can help yourself to. However, you gotta keep your word on how many glasses you pack away. The portions are huge and pretty inexpensive. Don't get a large bowl of pasta without spliting it, otherwise you will have spaghetti coming out of your ears/ass for a week. The restaurant is located at the end of Washington and is surrounded by some great late night hangouts and the ocean. Another C & O is located maybe a mile down on Washington as well.

3. Taiyo- Sushi
5917 Franklin Ave. (across from the Scientology Celebrity Centre!)
The sushi here is like no other. The crunchy tempura roll is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! If I could marry it and have 10 babies with it, I would. Also, the seaweed salad with ginger miso dressing is so tasty that I've come very close to taking a full page ad out in Variety declaring my love for it. The ambiance is sexy. Though the restaurant is a little hole in the wall and the traditional Japanese-style seating fucks with your knees, the paper laterns and miscellaneous kitsch on the walls makes you feel right at home.

The rest of the places would be all the diners listed in previous post entitled-
My restaurant guide pt. 1 (the diners)


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