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Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Urban Gardeners of South Central

Found a distressing article being syndicated across the country today...
The owner of the South Central farm located at 41st and Alameda is threatening to replace the garden with a new warehouse. Dozens of farmers, activists, and public figures has been working round the clock to raise enough money to buy the property from owner Ralph Horowitz. Community members have also been camping out in the garden and sitting in the trees in silent protest of the possible impending bulldozing. The activists say they will not move from their spot.

Horowitz acquired the property in the 1980's for investment purposes. When the riots of 92' took place, the city took over the 14 acre property and gave control to Los Angeles Regional Foodbank to help rebuild the neighborhood. With many of the residents in low-income brackets and grocery stores being burned down, neighbors were hard up for food. 100s of families began growing vegetables and fruit for themselves. In 2003, Horowitz sued the city and got the property back. Since then, the 350 families who depend on this garden have lived in constant fear that the farm's time is running out. In March of 2006, Horowitz issued a vacate notice. The farmers appealed the notice in court and are still currently awaiting a decision.

See what you can do to help!
Check out
Article from Bismark Tribune "Los Angeles' Urban Gardeners Struggling"
Refresh yourself on the riots of 1992


At 11:38 PM, Blogger Froggity said...

If I may say so, you're quite awesome. I dig your passion.

BTW, thought you might like to know that I'm currently doing ads for a new indy movie co-starring....

Will Arnett.

Oh yes. Oh yes indeed. I believe his funniest line is "The dog...has spoken."

Shoot me an e-mail, maybe we can grab some coffee, I haven't chatted with you for a while.



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