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Friday, April 03, 2009

Why Mr. Natural? WHY?!

A friend in L.A. (who obviously pays more attention to Austin news than I do), sent me this hateful link regarding Austin's worst restaurant health inspections of last year. 

I wasn't overly concerned with what the news piece was telling me, until they dramatically unveiled the lowest rated restaurant in Austin.

I looked closely at the screen and realized the anchorwoman was standing in the intersection where I work. 

"Dammit! They better not be talking about Mr. Natural!"

They were.

According to KVUE, The Mr. Natural on Cesar Chavez got a rating of 46 out of 100. "Critical violations include grain beetles in the bulk flour bin and an accumulation of food particles or mold on numerous surfaces including the ice machine, the waffle iron, and the interior of the bakery freezer."  

Since the inspection, Mr. Natural has upped their rating to a 76 and 72. 

I'm kind of depressed about the whole thing. 
At the same time, I think of how many bugs we eat daily without knowing it and how some molds are good for you (and how some will kill you by respiratory failure, but we won't think about that).

I will not turn my back on Mr. Natural, but like any relationship that has begun to sport mold and produce beetles, I think need my space for a little bit.



At 9:38 PM, Blogger Hanlly said...

haha what a Coincidence I was going through your blog right now!
I really like it ! keep it up!


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