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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Steve Perry's Excellent Adventure

Is the name of our karaoke team.

And we f'ing rock.

Eight of us, led by Captain Adley, are part of the National Karaoke League in Austin, TX.

Last Thursday we all met and sang for the first time as "Steve Perry's Excellent Adventure". This Thursday the season begins...and there will be blood (and drinking of other people's milkshakes).

Check out the official Flickr page. Our team is green. Just in color, not in ability.

For more info on the National Karaoke League, click here.

Adley, Colby, Nolan, Mandy, Yvette, Ludwig, and Bindiya
Mandy, Yvette, Ludwig, and Bindiya

Aldey, Colby, and Nolan







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