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Friday, March 20, 2009

Ok, I Feel a Little Bit Better About You Today, SXSW

...but only a little!

It's because the weekend is here and I'll feel like a giant loser if I don't at least participate in one event. I'm on the guest list for the Perez Hilton party which is being held in an old Safeway off the freeway. 

An old grocery store off the highway.

Another thing I love about Austin. A line of limos waiting out in front of an abandoned grocery story that is attached to a Riteaid frequented by people who sit in the parking lot with their silvery-rimmed Cadillacs. 

But SXSW, there is nothing that really makes me want to venture out into your parking lot traffic and parade of boys and girls that look like a.) residences of Williamsburg b.) American Apparel employees (so much irony in this sentence) c.) fans of 60's counter-culture (way too many couples wandering around looking like Peter Sellers and Britt Eckland circa 1966). The only shows that seem remotely interesting (pretty much Devo), I can't get into. Who gives a crap that Metallica, Indigo Girls, Third Eye Blind, Fastball, Jane's Addiction, and Echo and the Bunnymen are all playing (what are we, 38 years old?). Yoah, wait a minute. I threw Echo and the Bunnymen in there but they are actually kind of cool. 

Your movie schedule looks pretty bad ass though. A lot of interesting documentaries like SWEETHEARTS OF THE PRISON RODEO and OBJECTIFIED. I even have tickets to get into any SXSW screening and they're still sitting in my car.

Man, I bet that I'm going to regret all my nay-saying once this festival is done...



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