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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Am the Passenger

Hey, remember hearing about the Iggy Pop biopic, The Passenger?
Remember when you hit your head against the wall when you heard that Elijah Wood was going to play the wild child?
Well, what the f happened to that movie?
It's been two years now since they announced the movie was in production and I haven't heard anything since.
Look, I'm just as not thrilled as the next guy with the choice in casting, but I'd at least like to see the movie! Did the studio execs finally wake up and decided to get someone who doesn't look like a fawn to play perpetual leatherface or something?

Let's see here...
According to Wikipedia the movie is scheduled to come out this year though IMDB doesn't even have it listed in the system. I will have to reach out to some of my informants to see what the dealio is here (I can't believe I just wrote "dealio"...)

On a separate note, Mr. Pop will be releasing a French jazz album entitled, Preliminaires, on June 2ndI almost feel like this is too obvious for me to make fun of. Chances are, it will probably be amazing. It's just hard to imagine French jazz and a man who plays with his penis on stage going hand-in-hand.

In the meantime, as we wait for the freakin' movie and album to come out, I would like to analyze the picture below. What are your thoughts? To me, his shoulder looks like a Northern Texas landscape during a lightening storm and his chest looks like the beginning formation of a Muppet.


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