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Saturday, August 16, 2008


Ok, how the hell did they make a movie out of this book?
I love Bret Easton Ellis like I love my bipolar cousin, but this book- not his best. It's a collection of fucking short stories that HAVE NO POINT even more so than his novels that HAVE NO POINT. I was always amazed that someone was able to make movies out his novels (well, in LESS THAN ZERO's case, the only similiarity are the characters' names). I don't remember a single thing about THE INFORMERS! I think it's about a bunch of rich, beautiful bored people vaguely commenting on the fall of mankind in between snorts of coke. Yep, I think you can put that as the tagline for every Bret Easton Ellis novel/movie. Just add a chainsaw in one of them for AMERICAN PSYCHO. Oddly enough, as I bash him, I actually love love love Ellis. Every time I fly back to NY, I read LESS THAN ZERO and think of myself as Clay- but reversed. I didn't grow up in the debauchery of L.A. I just choose to live in it. He got out. He's a smart boy, really.

Oh but how I can't wait to see this!

P.S. LUNAR PARK and AMERICAN PSYCHO are his best books!


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