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Hipstercrite: "Gossip Girl" and Bow-ties

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Gossip Girl" and Bow-ties

I've never seen "Gossip Girl". I'm not sure I really care to.
However, there is one thing that interests me about the show- the clothing.
I have to say. Those "OMFG" and "Mind-blowingly inappropriate" posters got my attention.
Not because of the stupid kids copulating in them, but because of a single bow-tie.

The character behind the bow-tie is quite cute (in fact, he reminds me of a gentlemen I occasionally see who will never ever date me....sigh). While waiting at the stop light at Lincoln and Venice today, staring at the 20th "Gossip Girl" poster I've seen that morning, I asked myself, "Are you actually attracted to the man or to the bow-tie?" It sounds like a silly question, but I've found myself so intrigued by the picture that I want to WEAR the bow-tie. It's not just the bow-tie either, it's the whole look. The suspenders, the white loafers, the scarves, the modern-day Gatsby in the Hamptons look.

Can a person just be attracted to clothing? What is it about the bow-tie that intrigues me so much? Non-penis envy answers are welcomed...


At 11:41 PM, Blogger Dazed and Confused said...

Maybe you associate the bow tie with some good memories? or your grandad wore won and looked like a bad ass? Its clearly more than just a fashion statement to you, maybe you have a minor bowtie fetish! according to some people i talked to (aka my roommates) bow ties were signs of successful people. The poor wore ties, and the rich wore bow ties.
Maybe your a retro gold digger at heart :)


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