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Thursday, July 17, 2008

When I Was a Little Girl, I Wanted to be Dana Scully

Anyone who knew me growing up will recall my obsession with X-files. Yes, it was super annoying.

Well...those days are long gone. Or are they?

With the impending release of the long awaited X-files sequel, "X-files: I Want to Believe", something that I thought was long dead has come to life within me.

With every little news snippet I find myself nearly pissing myself with titillation. However, now that I'm an adult and not the geeky little 10 year-old I was when the show started, I've been able to reflect and analyze some things about the show.

When I was a little girl I was in love with Fox Mulder- and Scully for that matter (that red hair and PHD verbiage!) I also wanted to be Scully. Now, I watch her and realize she was one cold, uptight bitch!!! I'm the last person on Earth to pull the feminist card, but what's the deal Chris Carter? A woman can't be brilliant and have a sense of humor? Scully had a stick so far shoved up her ass I'm surprised she could walk.
And though she was brilliant, she was also oh so dumb. What was up with that blind devotion to Mulder? I mean this guy was nuts (though unconventionally handsome and witty)! Because of his shenanigans her sister gets killed, Scully has 2 (!) babies; one she doesn't even know about that dies, the other their "biological" kid that she has to give up because it may or not be alien. Oh, and she gets cancer! He takes her for granted and she's always there for him. I mean, I looked up to this chick! She sounds lame to me. But that red hair! Well, I guess I would blindly follow a man that was as brooding as Mulder. Also, I imagine the sex was good after waiting 7 (!) years to finally do it. That's another not normal thing. These two were obviously into each other and they were like weird, asexual creatures around each other. Actually, in general! I mean how many sexual partners did they have COMBINED on the show? Like 4 people! In 7 (!) years!

I hope in this movie we'll find a more matured Scully with a sense of humor. A kick ass woman who got tired of Mulder's shit (but of course still loves him and wants to jump in the sack with him). I also hope in this movie there are plenty of reasons for Mulder to take of his shirt and brood.


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