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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Restaurant review: La Scala

Spent the longest amount of time ever in Beverly Hills the other day (roughly 3 hours). Ate dinner with very enjoyable company at La Scala 434 Canon Dr. up in the B of H. (According to Yahoo it's at 410 Canon but I stood confused standing in front of 410 because it's Drago's. La Scala was a few doors down, so I think I'm right and Yahoo is wrong. It's up to you to decide).
Gotta say, food was mighty good. Guess the restaurant is known for their Chopped Salad. It was a mighty fine chopped salad fo' sure. Little bits of salami and mozzarella...mmmmm. For dinner we had a giant fried glob of cheese (no kidding) and is a giant glob of friend cheese never NOT tasty? Hell, is a fried glob of ANYTHING never NOT tasty? You could fry trash and it would taste yummy. For dessert we had a big glob of chocolate cake too!
Atmosphere is pleasant. Kind of old school Beverly Hills. Romantic (so guys don't bring your guy friends here). Has the air of...what's that restaurant in MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN called? Sardi's? (according to Wikipedia, that is accurate)
All in all, it was a mighty fine experience. If you're watching your wallets and asses then I wouldn't go there.

p.s. that's a random picture of Italian food up above, not a picture of La Scala's food- so don't be going there and expecting to get a dish like that!


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