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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Review: The Pizza House

I'm sitting in my underwear in my friend's apartment on Fountain.
It's fucking hot in here. I have sweat pouring down my back.
There is a trail of ants marching from the living room in through the kitchen and out the back door. Fascinating. They just blindly follow each other. In a straight line. Bumping into one another. Feeding on whatever scraps they can find.

I just blindly led myself to the nearest scrap I could find called The Pizza House. It's next to a liquor store and has a blue tarp hanging over it.

I hear a lot of former New Yorkers complain how difficult it is to find a good pizza by the slice place in L.A. Well, look no further. The Pizza House has pizza by the slice AND it's good AND it's only 99 cents. I've only tried their pizza and wings, but they have sandwiches, salads, calzones, and pasta on the menu as well. The staff and owners are super nice. I don't believe they deliver.

The Pizza House is located at:
5203 1/2 Fountain Ave.
LA, CA 90029

As I march myself back into the sweltering apartment, strip back down to my underwear, and feed off of my food, I wonder, "Are we all just a bunch of ants?"


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