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Hipstercrite: Am I the Only One Who Doesn't Like Liz Lemon?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Am I the Only One Who Doesn't Like Liz Lemon?

I decided that I don't like Tina Fey (the writer/actress, not the human being).

Not in the I-have-nothing-better-to-do-with-my-life-than-bash-celebrities-that-I-feel-threatened-by-on-the-internet-all-day kind of way. I respect the woman wholeheartedly. I think she is talented and seems like an A-ok gal (though I do believe that the downfall of SNL began when she became head writer...think about it).


I just don't like her because I think she gives a bad wrap to intelligent, career-orientated, sarcastic thirty-something women.

Ever notice that ALL of her characters are in their late 30's, have no life, no sex, seem a wee bit desperate, and a whole lotta pathetic? You find yourself sitting there, watching her in "30 Rock", BABY MAMA, or MEAN GIRLS, sweating profusely, fidgeting in your seat, turning to the people next to you, screaming, "This is funny? THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE CALL FUNNY?"

Maybe I'm the only one who does.

Maybe I'm afraid, ok?!

Maybe when I watch these characters, I think, "Shit, that's me in twelve years- a slave to my thankless job, child-less, husband-less, and constantly reguritating awkward witty comments at any poor schmuck who walks by."

I don't want to be Liz Lemon!


I see those women and their respective elder conterparts! Here in Texas they're tall, with slender non-child bearing hips. They have beautiful long silver hair and pentetrating eyes. Under the years of sun their leathered skin soaked in, you can see the beauty queen of their high school graduating class. They're maybe wearing dream catcher earrings they made themselves, because that's all they do now- hand craft jewlery. Years ago they were a marketing executives or actresses. Now they live in an Airstream trailer somewhere outside of town and only eat raw food and talk about all their former beatnik lovers they once had who went straight and have wives and children now. They have friends all over the world, but they spend their remaining days painting murals on their kitchen walls and talking to squirrels.

They scare the living shit out of me.

While I talk to them, I try to stomach the creeping sensation that that will be me when I'm 50.

I don't want to be someone's crazy Aunt! The one everyone talks about in hushed tones at family reunions.

Ah shit...I don't even have siblings!


At 4:09 AM, Blogger Molly Lambert said...

yeah I consider this a lot. it's not just old maids, I'm sure a lot of them are divorced, moved out west for a new life etc. I used to see a lot of them when I worked at trader joe's, the handcrafted earrings for sure (crafting, arggggh!). they only bought catfood and wine and occasionally hummus. I had just gotten dumped so it was definitely the desert of real talk.

you're wrong about liz lemon though. that's just what tina fey is like! she hates sex! it makes for an original kind of comedy (to me). this guy wrote a horrible essay in esquire this month that I'm gonna blog about.

this comment is too long.

At 6:40 PM, Blogger The Frustrated Dinosaur said...

I love Liz Lemon! I think that what's great about the character is that Fey is playing an intelligent and career oriented modern woman, and the show is honest about the fact that many men are intimidated by a woman like that (I, for the record, am not.. I find Fey and her character extremely attractive. Smart is sexy.)

Also, she wasn't part of the decline of SNL... because "the decline of SNL" is a myth. The show has always had its ups and downs, and even in its golden age, it was very inconsistent... that's the nature of sketch comedy. The show has an excellent cast of team players right now, though they lack a big hitter like a Will Ferrell at the moment.

Why am I philosophizing about SNL in a comment section right now?

At 12:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why does she have to be anything you aspire to be?


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